Technology used by DURISBUILD is up to 30% cheaper than traditional build

At DURISBUILD we use Durisol woodcrete ICF blocks that offer a variety of benefits for your build project including ease of construction. Unlike traditional brick and blockwork, this is a simple to use build system that can be constructed in all weather conditions avoiding frustrating, and potentially costly delays due to adverse weather. DURISBUILD charge you for labour, you source the materials direct from Durisol, which means you don’t pay a mark-up on materials.

The woodcrete wall form units are dry stacked directly onto the foundation. The units stack together to quickly form your building, ready for the concrete pour. The concrete is firstly poured up to damp proof course and then the build continues. Propping is not required as the weight of the blocks provides stability during the build.

Chasing for electrics and plumbing is easy and fast. This can be done with either a wall chaser or a powered circular saw. All flooring systems can be used with Durisol and most external finishes can be applied including render, brick, brick render, timber cladding and rain screen cladding.

Thermal Efficiency

At DURISBUILD we use Durisol wall form units that are designed so that the insulation is external to the concrete core and wraps around the full envelope of the wall. The thermal mass effect from this insulation results in reduced heating costs as the energy/heat in the wall is transferred back into the cooler air.

Foam ICFs are less effective as they have 50% of the insulation on the interior face, which reduces the net benefit that is obtained through the effects of thermal mass.

Other benefits of using this technology are:

  • Made from 80% recycled wood
  • Minimal lead times
  • Low energy manufacture
  • British manufactured
  • Exceeds Building Control requirements
  • U values as low as 0.15 w/m2k
  • Average PSI values in the range of 0.04 – 0.08
  • Fire tested to 240 minutes at 1100oC to BS476: Pt 20: 1987

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