About Durisbuild

We are easy to deal with, we simplify complexity, and we are transparent. Our Managing Director Arek Marczewski, is an accomplished and experienced senior executive, who has a dynamic personality and strong vision to spearhead and drive major infrastructure and service initiatives. Extremely hard working, efficient and dedicated as well as an exceptional relationship builder, facilitator and board level communicator. As a construction engineer and project manager he makes sure the project is of the highest quality and runs on time. He was a speaker at numerous conferences, seminars, training programs and TV commercial programs. Arek knows his way around the best suppliers, best contractors, designers, and creates the team with a ‘can do’ attitude.

We work closely with Architects and Interior Designers progressing with projects from the initial stages of conception to completion, in order to achieve a finished project of good design formed in a timely manner. Our projects are complex – starting from design, and ending on all possible, even art finishes. We specialise in installation of bespoke stonework that include but are not limited to; marble, granite, semi-precious stones, onyx. Our highly skilled joinery team provide superior quality craftsmanship. We o‑er magical metal works, architectural applications, metal facades, bespoke metallic finishes, doorways, staircase and railings in a range of pure metals and alloys with a di‑erent textures, and colours which can be finished in a manner totally unique to you.

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call us on 02089 650562 or email info@durisbuild.co.uk


Durisbuild Ltd
Southgate Office Village,
Block H, 1st Floor, 286C Chase Road,
London N14 6HF

Telephone: 02089 650562
Email: info@durisbuild.co.uk

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