Part Single, Part two storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing shed

Part Single, Part two storey side and rear extension following demolition of existing shed. Alternation to existing roof to form hipped roof. New front hardstanding to provide off street parking, refuse and recycling store, cycle store. Installation of new electric gate and fence. Alternations to front access steps roof extension to create additional habitable space to include conversion of roof from hip to gable end to one side and to rear with new gable end windows and installation of 3x roof lights to front roof slope, internal changes at NW9.

Construction Technology used – Durisol Blocks

Innovative design:

From the outset, the Durisol system was developed to give designers, spec iffier and contractors real flexibility with outstanding all round performance. The system offers a range of unique benefits and meets all current and planned regulations and recommendations for sustainable building construction. Based upon interlocking modular units (with or without integral insulation). Durisol walling units are dry stacked – without the need for a bed or mortar. The units are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system. The external and internal faces are then completed with a finish applied directly to the Durisol wall surface.

  • Durisol units contain recycled material (8 tonnes of waste in one standard house)
  • The Durisol system has achieved a BRE Green Guide – A rating
  • Durisol buildings have a high Thermal Mass (Concrete acts as a heat store) resulting in reduced energy costs
  • The units are highly durable, with no decay or burn issues
  • No waste during manufacture and Over 90% recycled material in every block

Sustainablity – product and process.

Durisol UK are committed to sustainability. As a result, they have a very low embodied energy manufacturing process that includes natural curing with no requirement for ovens or kilns, and harvested rain water for the manufacturing process. Together with outstanding product performance, Durisol UK is the sound choice for any contemporary build.

Overview of how to design and build with Durisol Walling Units:

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