Our potential first Design and Build project

Durisbuild_Our potential first Design and Build project

This is our first potential design and build project of a 3 bedroom house. The project will be positioned in EN1. It will have the same front view as the house next door to mimic the proportions and to keep the uniqueness of the road. The concept of this project has really inspired us. The land had a huge potential as it has a large house built on it. Our client decided to demolish the attached houses and create two 3 bedroom detached houses. However together with our client we came with a great initiative to create a 3 bedroom house next-door to the existing house which is also our clients. So we have decided to split a large house into 2 smaller which (believe it or not) actually increased the value of the land and the property.

New Builds

Here at Durisbuild there is are no limits to how far you can go with your home. Every job receives a personal service in which we put you at the centre of the design process and keep you well informed throughout each phase of the build to give you 100% peace of mind.

The service we offer:

• Demolition, foundation & ground works
• Planning and architectural design
• Full structural frame installation
• Mechanical & electric works
• Landscaping & gardening
• Specialist finishings
• All types of roofing
• Swimming pools
• Masonry works

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