House on the corner

Are you living in a House that is too small for you?

How can you make more room in your house?

Durisbuild_House on the corner

Constructing a side building to an existing house.

If you like where you live, there could be no need to relocate if you have the right expansion plans in place. You can grow and allow yourself more room while still creating a more chic living space with a little imagination.

This is why we are presenting the following project. It has challenged us to extending the house beyond creating more space to be occupied. Just by constructing the side extension house our client has gained nearly double the size of his house (as you can see on the plans below).

Many that have a lot of space in their house should take advantage of it and expand. Adding a room to a house is the most effective way to increase its size. As long as the room complies with municipal building codes, you can be as imaginative as you want with it. Just like one of our clients has done he has expended his house by using extra space.

An outgoing extension will usually be transformed into anything from a single living room to a separate wing with several spaces. You will normally handle whatever the house extension plans are by building out. Aside from the extra capacity, there are a few other advantages. Specifically, you are not normally required to leave your home when they are working on it. For a bit, it can be loud, dirty, and uncomfortable, but it is always preferable to having to make such plans.

“Durisol blocks will
make your dream
come true easier and
faster…It is no
coincidence that
making your home
bigger will add value,
so enhancing space is
a common priority”

Durisbuild_House on the corner
Durisbuild_House on the corner
Durisbuild_House on the corner
Durisbuild_House on the corner
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