Affordable one bedroom new build house

Innovative design and technology

New single storey dwelling at the back of the garden 7.0m wide and 6.5m deep to be used as a habitable accommodation for a family member.

Demolition of existing garage in order to provide space for a new structure.

From the outset, the Durisol system was developed to give designers, specifiers and contractors real flexibility with outstanding all-round performance. The system offers a range of unique benefits and meets all current and planned regulations and recommendations for sustainable building construction. Based upon interlocking modular units (with or without integral insulation) Durisol walling units are dry-stacked – without the need for a bed of mortar. The units are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system. The external and internal faces are then completed with a finish applied directly to the Durisol wall surface.

Design by MGDC Ltd.

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