3 Bedroom House – Proposal

Durisbuild_3 Bedroom House - Proposal

This is a proposal for a 3 Bedroom House with a structure constructed using Durisol Blocks.

Does a three-bedroom house sell faster than a two-bedroom? A real estate agent will likely tell you that it does. While this may be true, there are exceptions. If you’re planning a renowation and wondering whether you should downsize the number of bedrooms in your home, here are some things to consider.

Lifestyle choices
Before you make the decision to remove a bedroom, it’s important to really think about how you live in the space.

Open options
If you think 3 bedroom house is too big you can always change one bedroom into a huge bathroom or expand the living room space. There are a lot of options.

Resale potential
According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, three bedrooms and two bathrooms is the most saleable configuration for a home as it appeals to the largest segment of the market: families with one or two children living at home

Investment potential
When it comes to buying a house, investors understandably want to get the best property for the money they spend. Previously, the “best” was for the number of bedrooms, but that is changing. However the amount of bedrooms is still a good selling point and will increase the property value.

Using Durisol Blocks the building is:

• Exceeds the specifications of the Building Control Department.
• Low energy manufacture
• Made from wood which has been 80% recycled
• up to 30% less expensive than conventional methods.

Durisbuild_3 Bedroom House - Proposal

The next steps?

• Meeting with builders estimating materials and costs
• Define feasibility to the bespoke elements such as screens
• on site visits.

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