2 Bedroom House – Proposal

Durisbuild_2 Bedroom House

A two bedroom house is ideal for those who choose to work from home or have a second bedroom on occasion.

A net zero energy 2 bedroom house produces all of the energy needed for the home and its appliances. New technology such as prefabricated facades, enclosed rooftops with solar panels, and smart heating and cooling installations can help accomplish this. The house looks modern from the outside after a Net Zero Energy makeover, and it is clean of moisture and draughts on the inside.

Here is one of our 2 bedroom house model designed by MGDC LTD to show how you can inhabit the space. This Bedroom House can be built using Durisol Blocks which will be 30% cheaper than traditional way of building.

Durisbuild_2 Bedroom House

Durisol blocks can be finished with in several different types:

  • Timber Cladding
  • Bricks (Like this example)
  • Render Cladding
  • Stone cladding
  • Metal Cladding
Durisbuild_2 Bedroom House

The next steps?

  • Meeting with builders estimating materials and costs
  • Define feasibility to the bespoke elements such as screens
  • On site visits
Durisbuild_2 Bedroom House
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